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Join online open day tours, Q&A sessions, academic staff interviews, current student feedback sessions, and much more, from universities, colleges, and schools.

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For Students

Be there, without actually being there: For whatever reason you can't attend a physical open day or event, get the low down with online and virtual events and stay in the loop.

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Register for an event in 10 seconds with just your name and email address.

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You're free to attend as many events, from as many providers as you want!

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Ask questions to the event organisers through a Q&A Panel.

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For Providers

Make the transition to digital, the easy way: Recent events have accelerated the need to adopt more digital solutions. Virtual Open Days helps you get started running online events, with a focus on being fast, easy, and reliable.

HD Video & Audio

We leverage "best in class" video conferencing to ensure things run smoothly.

Automatic Recording

Your event will be automatically recorded and you'll receive a url to share afterewards.

Audience Interaction

Take questions from your audience in an organised, manageable setting.

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