Get set up with online events - fast.

Create an event and list it on Virtual Open Days, utilise easy tools to interact with your audience and showcase your institution in the best light, all online.

How it works

We offer a completely managed service to help you run online events for your institution, so no matter how new you are to the online events space, we will help you shape and run a brilliant event.

We've focused on making it simple, fast, and reliable to start running your events online, leaving you to get back to what you do best - recruiting students.

Initial Consultation

We start by jumping on a 30 minute consultation to determine your aims and goals for your online event, as well as defining what success looks like. This session gives us everything we need to start creating your event.

The Fiddly Stuff

We start doing the heavy lifting at our end, getting your event set-up through our admin panel,  setting the specific features required for your event, branding registration pages and emails, and more.

Software Tutorial

We train your events organiser in using the events software, providing hints, and tips along the way for making the most of your online event. We strongly recommend all first-time online event organisers to take part in this step.

Test Event

We will set up a test event for you to run with your colleagues, helping you to bring on board stakeholders, as well as raising everyone's comfort levels with running online events. This is a dry run for the organiser to deal with multiple attendees, and this stage can be repeated until the organiser is comfortable and confident.

Website Listing

When you are ready, we will list your event on Virtual Open Days on its own dedicated page where students and their families can register. We take care of handling registration, confirmation, and reminder emails to boost attendance conversion, all branded to suit your institution.

Go Live!

On the day of the event we will be on hand to support you fully. We act as a super host to ensure everything runs smoothly. After the event has finished, we will provide you with a link to the event recording for you to share, as well as a report on attendance, dropouts, questions and answers etc.

Book Free Consultation

We build you a custom package to suit your needs for online events, cherry picking the features you want, and leaving behind those that you don't.

HD Video & Audio

We leverage "best in class" video conferencing to ensure things run smoothly.

Automatic Recording

Your event will be automatically recorded and you'll receive a url to share afterewards.

Audience Interaction

Take questions from your audience in an organised, manageable setting.

Full Host Control

Assign an event host, and give a member of your team full admin privileges during the event.

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed reporting on your events engagement, conversions, and attendees.

Reminders & Follow Ups

We'll send every registrant a reminder the day before the event to boost attendance.

Dedicated Event Page

Your event will have it's own page where students can register.

Trial Run

Our team will help you get set up with a trial run for you and your colleagues.

Pre-Record Content

Run a event using pre-recorded video or audio content, whilst still enabling live interaction.


No matter what type of online event you want to run, we can help you get there.

Poll Your Audience

Set up a live poll to get feedback from your audience on whatever you wish.

Want to get started hosting online events for your institution?

Book your  free initial consultation and a member of our team will help you start hosting online events.

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20% of profits from Virtual Open Days will be donated to  NHS Charities Together     #StayHome